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Yes, you are right, I do care.

Granger, I think the breakdown is that you define gop as a small group entity. Granted, there are those at the top who manipulate the masses, and they manage to succeed.

My definition of gop is "the people". We must waken them and show them that they have temporarily lost their way and have been cooerced by a few elitists with a motive. That does not mean that we must prop a prez that the few shoved down our throats.

We are making progress. We are showing other regular folks the corruptness of the few. In time, they will know that we, they, have been shunned and give the word 'conservative' its rightful definition.


Baldwin, GJ, Paul, doesn't matter to me what party they belong [register as]. It is nothing more than a calculated move to attempt to win. I vote the person, not the party. That is why it was so easy for me to abandon D and fully support Paul, and with luck, Justin Amash. In time, when conservative citizens find their way again, I will fully support the Republican party. First and foremost, they must defend and protect the Constitution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul