Comment: I think it is perfectly fine

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I think it is perfectly fine

I think it is perfectly fine to vote if you agree with the philosophy of the person you are voting for. I think people are delusional, including Ron Paul supporters, if they are voting because they think it will effect the outcome. No single vote has ever decided a presidential election. There are too many people in the country for a single vote to be meaningful. Hell, a single vote won't decide the election in any race for the congress or the senate, either. So I think it is a meaningless exercise to vote at all unless you just feel that the person running represents your views so closely that you want add one more number to his tally. Other than that, voting is a meaningless exercise that gives these tyrants the mandate they desire to rule over us. So unless you think Romney is a great representer of your philosophy, then you are wasting your time voting for him. If you stay home it won't hurt Romney and it won't help Obama, it will just save you the time and hassle of voting for a guy you don't even like.