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"objectivism" and corporatism

It's hard to accept, but the "free market" ideologies of Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan etc. are a trojan horse for eastern European-style tax farming and the decriminalization of fraud. This is not a speculative hypothesis, but a matter of historical fact. "Privatization" may sound like a capitalistic phenomenon, but in practice it means granting the power to tax to unaccountable private parties. The Federal Reserve system is a good example of "privatization". Halliburton is a great beneficiary of "privatization", like all the MIC. Our beloved mainstream media is "privatized"; there's no state-run Pravda in the US, no sir, only profitable, publically traded media corporations. And all of these parties are dutifully seeking to serve their own self-interest like Smith's butcher and baker. The problem with self-interest as raison d'etre is that it is the coarsest and most animalistic of human motives; the farmer may be led by self interest, but so is the burglar and the con-man.

Rand is a salesman for corporatism and corruption, but of course, she cannot say as much or no one would buy what she's selling. Her novels and polemics are mainly designed to disguise corporatism and financialization (fraud) as capitalism. She also works to establish a false dichotomy between socialists and corporatists when these two are basically identical only using different pretexts to steal from us. Clearly she lacks respect for the classical liberal tradition of which our founding fathers were a major part. Unfortunately, as a result of the profound decay in American schooling, Rand is able to get away with pretending to support the founders while villifying the ethics which guided them.

The reality is that Rand's agenda triumphed in the Thatcher-Reagan era as is evidenced by the ascension of her close friend Greenspan to the Fed Chairmanship, and the regime of privatization (tax-farming) and deregulation (legalization of fraud) that followed. To endorse Rand is to endorse neo-liberal economics and neo-conservative foreign policy. The post-modern credo is self-interest above all! By following vulgur self-interest alone, the west will never regain what we lost in the twentieth century. When self interest rules, courage and kindness are lost.

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics, is to be governed by inferiors ~ Plato