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I see where your coming from,

but that's only happened a few times, and it never turned into a relationship. Yeah if that was occurring all the time I might sing a different tune, atleast until I got into middle age. hI try to talk to girls who don't get it and wake them up, but they are completely stubborn. Now I've had plenty of success waking up guy friends because they don't have such closed, selfish minds but women refuse to wake up. They have swallowed materialism and the "princess" mentality hook line and sinker. Even older women have told me that they can't stand how bitchy my generations girls are and how selfish they act. I'm also not looking for a woman who is going use sex as a weapon and withhold from me in order to do her bidding. That's very immature behavior and if somebody truly loved me I and I loved them I wouldn't do that to them either. I see decent girls get with the biggest scumbags all the time just because they think he's confident or a "bad boy" and it's like they want someone to be mean to them or something. That's not to say that I go around kissing women's asses all the time either, but I just don't behave in some preordained way. I'm not a perfectionist about how good a woman looks either. Obviously, if somebody is significantly obese they are not eating right and this is stemming from other problems and I'm not interested but I'm not only trying to get 10s. In fact I'm pointingout girls all the time to friends of mine telling em' I think they're hot, cute whatever and they'll be like "eww gross she looks weird" so I'm not picky. Maybe there are people who are just meant to be alone, but if they are like me and lonely a lot of time and want to be with someone then that doesn't really make a lot of sense. I've even had people tell me they think I'd be a lot happier if I had a companion.