Comment: Why does it HAVE to be controlled demolition?

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Why does it HAVE to be controlled demolition?

I appreciate the reasonable response.
First, please read my response below to TommyPaine titled "All possible". I'm well aware of the big picture.
Regarding the link, that is the core still standing after the rest of the building collapsed. Have you never heard of the "spire"? Forgive me, I truly thought it was common knowledge. It's hard to find real clear pictures of it because of all the smoke. The link shows a middle portion of it, others show the very top, which is thin and spindly, but 60 to 70 floors up. If the core were dismantled in order to drop the building, it would not still be standing after the building collapsed. Here is a video I stopped at the relevant point (.24) where the author measures the spire:
Standing core would mean it was not dismantled in any way in order to drop the building. It's still standing. I don't know how you can infer otherwise. All of the proponents claim it had to have been taken out.
Why bother? Because we can make much better use of the information we do have. Taken in total (the big picture), the evidence does not support controlled demolition, stated by this OP as fact. The OP also states as absolute fact that any other scenario is IMPOSSIBLE. If hundreds of thousands of "believers" accept that premise, you've opened the door for all sorts of wild speculation and mis-guided world views, which then causes any real search for truth to be mocked and ridiculed. We will never achieve justice that way. I fail to see how that in any way honors the victims.
I am honestly beginning to think controlled demolition is a straw man, designed to make any real effort to uncover the truth impossible. Controlled demolition is not necessary for this to still be a heinous crime with "inside" implications. It doesn't have to be that complicated. Ramming two jets into the towers would be sufficient. It doesn't detract from the likely conspiracy.

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