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Here I AM! Im back from Houston, just in time I see!!lol
have a full pack of chewin gum and 3 cups of coffee left over from tha mornin!!

Who needs to be spanked Grange? Europa? Legalize? Dix?? Tell me where their at- I feel like making someone cry again tonight!

someone need a whoopin grange? some cyber corporal punishment perhaps??

You dont even have to write their names.. Just give me initials..

better yet, THINK their names real hard and I can clear channel through the empty space of the GJ supporter mind, to see EXACTLY who they are!lol

BTW did I tell you LL pi$$ed me off so bad the other night that I called GJ headquarters in Texas and David Nalle himself is sending me 700 yard signs???lol
Oh yes!!

Im gonna try and sell them then give the money back to the people who GJ will owe money to when he is kicked off the stage and runs back to the GOP.

You should call Texas GJ headquarters and ask for David, he will be happy to send you up to 700 yard signs for free. He said if you want more you have to purchase at $.25 a piece to help with shipping. I declined that though. 700 is just fine. They arrive Tues!!! Checked earlier and they were sent!!


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016