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Ah... now that IS interesting...

I see your point. The right v. left paradigm they've pushed so exhaustively may actually hinder their strategy. To where people's programmed distrust of one party or the other may not only prevent them from docile cooperation but may also fuel resistance. Hmmmm. But I think their efforts will (as they are already) be bipartisan; I mean, they'll really go to extraordinary lengths to up-sell the need for the scenario. We are a national security state after all, regardless of rep. or dem. in office. That budget only expands, and so, too, does the march toward utter rescindance of Constitutional authority and/or civil rights ultimately quicken. Clearly, it's the only "cause" that unites most of our *sshole federal government representatives: fecking us out of our rights to and freedoms from... under the bitterly comically played out guise of preserving our own safety. Dissenters in gov't could easily be Daschled or, much worse, Wellstoned into silence/compliance.

In order for the type of emergency (for which martial law could be sold as a necessary response) to come about, seriously bad stuff will need to happen / be instigated (to state the obvious). The economy still needs to tank to the required intensity level, which may take a little while longer? It's why I worry about a large scale false flag scenario--a direct attack on national security from within, a la hyper mass casualty event and subsequent destabilization. Like something big in DC.... mini nuke (blame Iran) & utter destruction of capitol buildings with some politicians inside, etc. Where they can then have carte blanche to kick arse and take names. Real shock 'n awe stuff. (Ha! Maybe the Federal Reserve Building will collapse [from a bag of popcorn burning in the microwave and resulting fires, presumably] neatly into its own footprint right before the audit... like WTC 7, what with all of the government and securities offices and the investigation into Enron, et al. LOL! Sorry.)

Conjecture is king.

But to your point, I agree: no, people won't roll over just cuz the prez says so... and gets his community organizers suited up... that would be almost laughable!

I think they can do more damage (and more competently) that it may seem. But I suppose I do forget at times precisely how friggin' big of a place this actually is. But that can work just as badly against patriots as well.

Anywho, let's hope you're right!

What would the Founders do?