Comment: Montana Public Service Commission District 3

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Montana Public Service Commission District 3

Roger Koopman was Ron Paul's first press secretary when Dr. Paul was first elected to congress. Roger is running to bring free market values to regulating the state granted monopolies. His website is:

He will represent 14 counties and 20 legislative districts.

Here's a quote...

"As a life-long defender of liberty and economic opportunity, I have come to realize that some of the strongest threats we face are coming from the so-called 'environmental movement,' and the battleground for many of these issues is the PSC. Radicals like incumbent commissioner Vincent are taking aim at everything from mining and logging to energy and agriculture. They run roughshod over our property rights and push a green-energy-at-any-cost agenda that it sure to send our utility rates through the roof.

We must expect much more from our overly-political and frequently incompetent Public Service Commission. Frankly, the PSC doesn’t need more lawyers and partisan politicians. It needs wise and capable private sector professionals, who will advance innovative, market-based policies to produce cheaper, more reliable energy for our future. It needs statesmen with unshakable conservative principles, equipped with the unique skill sets necessary to provide true leadership."