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It is.

It is. But we've done it grave injury.

It's too bad our government is no longer worthy of our flag, however. And a lot of we citizens aren't either--when we place greater importance on BS sports and dumb TV shows than on our own history. When our shriveled notions of freedom revolve around what color car to buy... or at which fast food restaurant to phagocytize cheap GMO cornstuffs. Our government is nearly completely a criminal entity in its interactions around the world these days.

Since the end of WWII we have been a lazy people, sitting around patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. And while we've done this, the very type of people we set out to defeat in that war have taken over our country, its resources, its government, its industries, etc.

We're imperfect as a nation, as a people, as a "culture"; we always have been. I am not an apologist. But for feck's sake, why are we so allergic to self-criticism? We'll never reach our golden destiny if we're bound by the chains of our own arrogance. Perhaps it's karma in addition to engineered collapse sending us to the sewer as a nation. ????

But our flag represents (or should) a drive to always right our wrongs and so forth.

We've allowed ourselves to be disenfranchised from this, however.

And I worry that the flag, very soon, may no longer have any need for 50 stars; there soon may only be one big star in the blue field, representing our federal state, as we the states are on the way to becoming obselete. Which really, really sucks.

NAU anyone?

What would the Founders do?