Comment: Aside from the collapse aside from foodstuffs and material goods

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Aside from the collapse aside from foodstuffs and material goods

Which I covered below:

Local governments will collapse or dissolve, upper level governments will have access to loads of emergency supplies. These supplies are stockpiled for just such emergencies.

State level government will still have some capacity to exert control, but it will be at a localized level (ie, state capitals) For the most part, security and order will be implemented at state capital buildings. Don't expect them to answer your 911 call from the suburbs.
Don't expect them to feed you - if you rush the gate demanding food they will probably shoot you.

Federal level government will be operating on a state of emergency. Most useless federal offices will be abandoned, welfare, unemployment insurance, post offices, department of education, agriculture, etc.

Minor military bases will be abandoned, major military bases will be in full swing. The military will try to "control" the collapse, but with no domestic enforcement training, it will be a bloodbath.

CEOs, CFOs and upper crust executives will be flying or boating to rural areas of South America, New Zealand, or island getaways with small populations.

Once the population has been reduced to the point of self sufficiency regarding food, things will start to get back to normal - ain't natural selection grand?