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I find the arguments in your post strangely contradicting

To genuinely love others is truly doable only if you love yourself first. Ron Paul (a very devout Christian) and Ayn Rand (devout Objectivist) believe in voluntarism and compassion, which I believe are both the natural result of self-interest. Self-interest could result from the appreciation of God's investment in one's own talents and potential. The comment also appears to mix altruism with rational morality, or duty, which could be an oxymoron position.

True love is based on the Golden Rule - "Love your Neighbor as you love Yourself." It is clear that in order to love others (love is a choice first and an act second, but never a feeling), one must love oneself first. So to say that the display of self-interest and love is inappropriate ("dangerous packaging") because misguided "progressive left and religious right" could take it the wrong way is rather foolish. No?

Another good news is that Scarecrow and Tin Woodman figured that they needed neither a brain, nor a heart, but both!!