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Hello paulitesociety

A little history if I may and maybe more than you want to know but it is a community. Right? It was 1996 and my wife was gone to Italy. I was the father, mother, get the girls to school and do my work and did I mention the water heater broke? The cat at about 5-6 years old had lost weight and some of her teeth were sticking out of her mouth and loose. I took her to a vet and they pulled some teeth and gave her shots and told me there was not much more they could do. That I should bring her back later and they would clean teeth and pull some more and give her more shots. The math will tell you that was 6 years ago.

Like many of us do I started doing research (and whom do you trust)and decided I would get rid of the grains. So I bought dried food without grains and added cod liver oil and coconut flakes. After a few more months and watching her health improve I decided to go wild and served only raw meats and chicken liver. I still added CLO and other fish oil. Some granulated garlic and brewers yeast flakes. She resisted at first and then hunger drove her to the real food. It didn't take long for her to devour the livers. She takes them from her bowl and drags/carries them somewhere and eats them. Just like a wild animal. I refer to her as "My Black Panther". After the change she lost weight and then put it back on. She also went through lots of scratching and flea bites and left flea eggs wherever she laid. This concerned my daughters and it was a perfect lesson. Why? because I believe that many of us are full of toxins and in her case it was probably the flea treatments we gave her and combined with cheap food. See the theme?

Here is my theory. Ready? Fleas are attracted to animals like flies are attracted to a manure pile. Because that is where the food is. As nature works they are there to clean things up. When the animal gets healthy "bugs" are not attracted for the most part. Kinda like the reason bank robbers rob banks. Because that is where the money is. I suspect it is the same with all our other "diseases". Cancer being near the end if not addressed. I am also suspicious of the cancer gigs. We have been throwing money at it for 60 years and no cure? More than ever? Striking younger people (I lost 2 sisters in law). They were in the hands of doctors who cut, poisoned and radiated. It does provide lots of jobs looking for this mysterious disease. So take your feelings of "bad" and turn it into some chicken livers and see what happens. One more thing on the cat. She had lots of grey hair and I recently brushed her with a Furminator comb. I pulled off a wad of hair that was as big as her and her remaining fur is soft, shiny and black. She still has a few flea issues and I would place her 90% cured and doing well for an 11 year old cat that 6 years ago was almost written off. Needless to say I did not go back to the vet because folks as my name implies, The Doctor Is In. In us.

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