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Hey Mark

I'm a Ron Paul supporter and how do you force someone to eat something? You married? If your spouse fed your children pasta 3 times a day would you support that? How can a mother eat whatever junk she wants and not have it affect your children?

With respect to my former wife I suspect that she ruined her fertility system with the consumption of junk food and we had the pleasure of adopting two girls. This is how nature works. Those that are not strong enough will not be able to reproduce.

And to further answer your question, she left her first husband she says because they couldn't have children. I know what you are thinking. What kind of marriage was it if children were the only thing holding it together? I'm thinking that too.

Now I'm worried for her health and the impact this has all had on our children but what is a father to do?

I think I'll have a cup of bone broth and hit the straw.