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Because these revolutionary 110 story, redundantly designed, award winning skyscrapers were made to withstand earthquakes, sustained winds of 140mph, and impacts from fully loaded 707's and they do not fall in 11 seconds without the resistance being removed from underneath it.

It simply defies the laws of physics. Mainly conservation of momentum.

Do you know what the word "redundancy" means as it relates to the design of these buildings?
In the simplest terms "redundancy" means that if a portion of the structure is removed, the rest of the structure works to compensate for the void that was created.
Here is an excellent 7 minute piece where the architects, project managers, and engineers of the WTC's talk about its capabilities. It also explains how they were constructed.

It also briefly mentions how the empire state building was hit by a bomber lost in the fog, and caught fire which the building obviously survived. The empire state building was designed much differently than the WTC's and theoretically should have collapsed. No?

Secondly, pooled kerosene (jet fuel) and building materials do not burn hot enough to cause a symmetrical simultaneous collapse at near freefall speed. Most of the jet fuel was expelled out of the other side of the building in a massive fireball. The materials that were left to burn, could not do the job because the entire superstructure acts as a heat sink and wicks the heat away from the hottest areas.

Propane and natural gas burn hotter than kerosene, even if it is in a perfect air fuel mixture (aka fireball) If this wasn't the case, then every wood burning stove, BBQ grill, and camp stove in the world would have melted already. think of a large pot of beans sitting on top of a stove grate and cooking for hours. If the official "story" was true, then the stove grates would have melted/softened in roughly an hour and collapsed.
Now, if you took a torch and some different gasses, or supercharged that flame with oxygen, then you would have a different story, but that isn't what happened.

You're focusing on this "spire" (which to me looked like it stood for a few seconds and then vaporized into a cloud of dust) When in reality you should be asking yourself HOW did these buildings which were made to withstand this type of torture, fall at a rate of roughly 10 floors a second, and WHAT happened to the intact structure underneath that should have provided SOME resistance?

How does concrete immediately turn into powder before it even hits the ground in a supposed gravitational collapse? It simply doesn't without the help of explosives.

How does the WTC Marriot, which was directly underneath the debris get basically ripped in half and still remain standing? What about building 5 which burned AND got pummeled with debris still stand?

How does WTC 7, which was ACROSS the street and had another building cushioning it from the debris fall in 7 seconds? It doesn't without the help of explosives.
You don't see the explosive squibs going up the sides of WTC 7 right before it simultaneously collapses?!

On bldgs. 1 and 2, you can literally see explosive squibs shooting out just under the mushroom of debris FASTER than the mass of the building was coming down. That doesn't happen without explosives.

These are just a FEW of the puzzle pieces, but when you lay them out on the floor, combined with the witness testimony, and the suspicious activity of the people in charge, you begin to see the larger picture.

If you can't see that WTC7 at the VERY least was a controlled demo, then I don't know what to tell you. NIST changed their story 5 TIMES before they came to the never before heard of "thermal expansion." They were FORCED TO ADMIT that WTC 7 was in freefall for 2.3 seconds. That does NOT happen without the help of explosives.

This was one of the most documented events in history. People saw, heard, felt, and were hit by explosions SO HARD that it knocked them across the room. They knocked giant slabs of marble off of the walls of the lobby before the buildings imploded. This was not a figment of their imaginations.