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So this is what Ron Paul learned you? Shame on you! This is fraud. Ron Paul would NOT stand for this. You solicited merchandise under false pretenses of good faith. If you do not hold up your end of the good faith agreement that's fraud, that's breach of contract. ANYONE who learned ANYTHING from Ron Paul knows that is a violation of first principles. Not only is it philosophically inconsistent with ideals Ron upholds, it's morally reprehensible, and quite possibly illegal.

For that, shame on you. You really let the heat of your politics override your principles on this one. Instead of repenting after you cooled down, you came here and celebrated your immoral deeds with the face of Robin Hood encouraging others to sin the same. You deserve the scorn of every man/woman of principle and moral values on the DP regardless of who they may or may not vote for on Election Day.

But for advertising, promoting and encouraging fraud and criminal action on the DP, 1777free4all should be banned.

Is this what the DP has devolved into, advocates of violating election laws, theft, lying, mail fraud? Like we need that kind of a reputation.