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Comment: Quite frankly,

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Quite frankly,

I would rather not get help from my neighbors. I prefer to do it myself or get someone of my choosing to help me.

I get alittle creeped out when people begin a program to help their neighbors because of god. In fact, I'd probably get angry if a guy kept coming around because god wants him to help his neighbors. Maybe I don't want his help.

I once practiced a religion that demanded we do service projects regularly. We were often abused. Show up to help move someone and they hadn't even started packing. Expected others to do everything. We even had people assigned to help other families, but the ones assigned to us were people I couldn't stand.

There were often ulterior motives in helping others, like winning their friendship so you could convert them. Deceptive and dishonest.

If I need it, I'll ask someone if they'd like to help. I hope they will be honest and tell me if they don't. I also try to reward them so they actually want to come back. Just today I asked a young man to come help move a freezer up some stairs. He didn't want direct compensation, but I invited him to bring his little girl out to our farm and feed animals, etc, which he said he'd really like to do, and is something I actually enjoy.

I get what I want and he gets what he wants. Neither of us have to sacrifice. We're not doing it because we read in a book that we are supposed to love each other or convert each other.