Comment: The NRA has over 4 million members

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The NRA has over 4 million members

Let's open the eyes of the NRA's 4 million members. I believe most of them have no idea what their donations are being used toward. Not everyone is as computer savvy as us. Hell, I am sure there are plenty of Daily Paul visitors who still have NRA memberships. If we get this on the front page, we can help convince them to switch to the Gun Owners of America!!! Most visitors only look at the Daily Paul's front page. They don't go searching through the forums. Let's get the word out. If nothing else, maybe we can get the NRA to reconsider the employment of whoever is in charge of their Facebook page.

NRA # 800-672-3888
NRA PVF # 800-392-8683
NRA ILA # 800-392-VOTE (8683)