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About the squibs.

Obviously you have not kept up with the thread because I've addressed many of those issues repeatedly. I'm not going to go back over all of them for your benefit because you are biased and therefore cannot see the evidence. So this is for any readers who are keeping up.
The squibs I haven't yet discussed, so I'll do so here. First the towers.
You say they were well ahead of the collapsing structure. I agree, but probably not as far ahead as it may seem. Just because we saw the outer walls blow out at one level, doesn't mean something wasn't going on inside ahead of that action. First though, study the squibs carefully. One thing to note is when they burst, they came out at one rate, then increased the rate. In other words they got faster after they started. Is that a sign of explosives? Explosives would reach max velocity at the start, no? I'm not sure, but it would seem maybe there is some other explanation. Could it be compressed air? That could make sense. Compressed air is a very powerful tool, those buildings were HVAC sealed, and there was mountains of mangled steel and concrete churning down through those towers like a mega meat grinder. There is nothing to compare it to. Massive, and certainly enough to compress the air violently. Those squibs could have been a result of the collapse.
What is more, if they were explosions, what was blowing up? My understanding is thermate is not explosive; it cuts. So now we have thermate and bombs. Where the squibs came out it was 60 feet from the core. That would be some pretty big explosions, and it squibbed only in one window on the floor? So what was blowing up? Was it the core? The core was still standing. How could that be? What was that squib, which came out of open space inside, blowing up? It doesn't add up. Most likely air pressure.
Not sure about 7. Those squibs don't seem to have enough velocity to be explosives, and since the building twisted as an early motion, they could be heat releases as the window broke. The building was pretty well consumed in fire by late afternoon. I haven't studied them close enough to be sure. I will though...

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