Comment: Brain cancer is often a gallium deficiency.

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Brain cancer is often a gallium deficiency.

Not positive of the science, but the brain has its own immune system and gallium is essential to activate it. This was discovered in 1958.*

Add trace 60 trace minerals to diet.

If your girlfriend's mom has liver spots then she has a selenium deficiency. Selenium cleans up the wastes produced by the immune system.

Remember man you are dust and unto dust you will return.

If you are missing any of the 60 essential dusts (elements), then disease occurs.

I am not sure why cannibas oil is effective, but it may be in part the essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) are present in cannibas oil. It may also be an antioxidant has a range of products, including trace minerals.

The healthy start pack provides all the essential vitamins, fatty acids. amino acids and minerals (including gallium) for the daily doses needed to promote healing all day long. The Beyond Tangy Tangerine contains antioxidants from 150 different super foods.

If you call them they may have specific recommendations for brain cancer.

*Rare Earths Forbidden cures Dr Joel Wallach DVM ND and Ma Lan MD.

The Preacher won't like the cannibas oil. The doctor won't like the nutritional approach. Just giving fair warning.

Best wishes for you and yours.

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