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I have a point to make

who gives a flying....well you know what i mean. So Obama 'could' lose, but whats the point if we replace him with someone equally bad, are people truely that blind?

Never in a million years would I ever support or help Obama, however I consider Romney FAR worse.

See, me a republican my whole life, consider the democrats choice the better option and yet i dont sell out and vote for the lesser of evils - Obama, Ron Paul will get my vote, because he stands for what I stand for.

Good luck to the GJ people, I know youll need it this election cycle. Win or Lose, we have already won.

For the record, Romney has a much worse record with gun laws than Obama does...the NRA was not correct in trying to replace him with Romney support. I think they tried to 'go along with the crowd' and pissed off a lot of the wrong people.

They should have never supported anyone and simply said Choose the candidate you think will do the best job of protecting our 2nd amendment rights.