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Comment: There is no reason to worry

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There is no reason to worry

There is no reason to worry about the collapse. The only thing to worry about is, as always, the government.
The collapse is only the correction. Everything that is demanded on the market, will still be supplied. This is only not the case if the government intervenes by pretending to know better what "should" be demanded.

Especially with Food, there is no reason besides the government for a long time shortage. I think almost everyone buys food before he starts buying anything else at all.

There will only be a temporary shortage when the crash occurs and people try to get the last things left in the shops. But after a few weeks this will be resupplied, because the production capacity does not change during the collapse.

Only businesses that are dependent on the government, which means there is no real demand for their products, will get into trouble. But this is the correction and this is healthy for the economy as they make room for the production of other products who are really demanded by the people.

However, a controlled collapse by a Ron Paul plan would be much better than an uncontrolled, because people who have become dependent on the government will really suffer for a few years. Not because there is not enough supply, but because they can't get a job or any kind of income without the government.