Comment: Lighten Up on the Ladies, Fellas!

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Lighten Up on the Ladies, Fellas!

I'm a woman minister who is a liberty-loving, Constitutionally-minded Dr. Paul supporter (sort of in the vein of Chuck Baldwin). I'm "awake" to the globalist agenda to set the world stage for antichrist and his one world dictatorship. I tie-in current events concerning secret societies, central banks, and aggresssive militarism (with false flag events triggering them)to biblical prophecy, foretold with pinpoint accuracy in the books of Daniel and Revelation, coming to pass as we hear it reported on the evening news. I don't need the "red pill" (I know the Truth and He is a Person, Jesus Christ) only exposes the plans of the enemy of our souls. How about getting into a discussion on GMO's, depopulation, and global servitude to the elites (satanists) with a woman who sees the spiritual battle that is parallel to the earthly struggle for liberty. Might see a few eyes glazing over then....God speed.