Comment: Against my better judgment, I'm gonna answer your

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Against my better judgment, I'm gonna answer your

stupid question. It's stupid because you've got a lot of gall asking so many detailed questions when you either don't know the obvious answers and pertinent information that required some investigation. So anything we say to you is hearsay anyway as far as you're concerned. And if you take anything said as pure truth then you are still an idiot for not having info verified.
I didn't check this but I will: I cannot believe "beam thickness was 3/8 to 1/4" in the impact areas".
But to answer your above post - South Tower is the only video we have of a plane going into the building. First, it was a military plane because it had a pod on the underside. Second, I watched ten different angled videos and several in slow motion all showing a flash of light hitting the building a millisecond before the plane made contact, indicating a missile or missile to open up the wall. Third, even if the entire plane went into the building and slid along the floor until it smashed into the Core Columns, it would only cause minor damage because a plane is nothing more than a steel frame with aluminum wrapping, it would do almost no damage, like a plane crashing to earth, almost no damage to the earth. However, the engines on the plane are about nine feet high and made of titanium and are extremely heavy and can do some real damage.
So I'm ruling out any damage from the plane but possibly from the engines. Again however, even if an engine sliding across the floor to reach the core that must be a a few hundred feet away and would have lost some momentum from friction against the damn floor; additionally, if an engine hit a column and resulted in breaking it, which I would hastily say is impossible, but if it did, and even if three columns say out of four engines hit exactly the same way and collapsed the columns, it still could not in a million years drop that floor within 1/10th of a second as it did. There is nothing we know of that can drop a floor in 1/10th of a second but carefully placed charges cutting out all the beams of the floor in question.
One more major point: If you saw videos you should not even have asked such an imbecilic question because the plane came in on an angle and hit the corner of the building and you can see the fuel following out the other side right around the corner from where the plane entered. And as the engines or plane parts did not come flying out it is a safe bet they were contained and slid along that inside wall, because ultimately one engine or what may have been the remains of one engine did come flying out the back side of the building if I recall properly (I have to look at that again - it's been years). So what I'm suggesting is the engines which are the only part that can do structural damage did not even go in the direction of the elevator bank, so the core columns were never even hit.
We can talk about common sense things with regard to 9/11 and deduce how things happened. But to ask questions like "What was the thickness of the beam on the 94th floor" is a bit much I'd say. I probably could find out, but what's the point when I know know know that the beams were cut with charges that collapsed the floors at free fall speed. BTW, after the bldg collapsed, you could see pictures, stills, with many beams cut on a diagonal before the firemen with torches arrived, but one huge core beam stick straight up out of the ground cut diagonally perfect said it all - now if that's not a smoking gun, well it was a smoking column, and you can see the molten thermite had hardened on it.