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Strong Case

That's what I like to see. Rand argued his case very well about policy and even came out showing that he wasn't "in Mitt's pocket" like they thought he was. But personally, listening to his argument, he sounded a bit more like his father in that his statements brought a fresher perspective than the typical conservative line. What I saw today showed me a little more libertarian and less "conservative", if I could put it that way. This was one of the major faults I had with his convention speech and his CPAC speech (too conservative, not enough libertarian). So it shows that he's still independent of the old right enough to continue the educational work his dad started.

And to wrap up, I'll just say this: It's refreshing to me as a steady Rand supporter to hear him say these things because it shows his commitment to the Liberty base. I get rather tired of hearing about Rand being a complete sell-out, because he really isn't and some people have blown the Romney endorsement way out of proportion. Prior to that they were questioning him about Iran sanctions. At the end of the day, he's our best shot at changing the government and is the chief successor to his father, even if he isn't as "pure" as his father on positions.

Respect the man, give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves untrustworthy, and realize that a lot of the suspicion that has arisen over Rand's motives may have more to do with where we're putting a lot of personal and patriotic hope. Scripture (if you accept it) tells us NOT to put our trust in princes (rulers) or chariots (military) or gold (financial prosperity) cuz these things can all be taken away or could fail us. Fact is, our trust is to be in God, and if we get a good President or maintain a strong army or restore our dollar, that can't be what we put our ultimate hope in. (Cuz it's not like that's the last we'll see of the old guard politicians. In fact, having a Liberty President may be a historical blip on the radar.) Consider that as we see it now, our political structure and financial position and military strength can collapse in quick order.

So thank God for Rand continuing his father's work, thank God for someone presenting the public a different way forward than the typical two-party paradigm solutions, and thank God that none of these things have to change who and what we are to Him. Remember, Jesus was still Jesus, even under Pontius Pilate and Tiberius Caesar.

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