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I'm "biased?"

The data is not biased. The laws of physics are not biased. I think you are the one who is biased because you start going round and round with bullshit minutia and avoid basic questions related to the physics of the event.
You apparently have a reading comprehension problem as well. I'm not going to retype what I wrote, because I've been down this road before.

Sharkhearted posted a video up top that has some of the footage I was referring to. I will simply point you to that, and tell you that there is much more footage backing up my claims (along with 1700+ Architects & engineers) and other people who can apply common sense.

Go to 11:20 in this video to (hopefully) understand what I am trying to explain to you. THIS IS NOT COMPRESSED AIR

I have over 400 hours of study into this subject that started on Sept 12th 2001. I think you'd be better served by catching up, and then we might have intelligent discourse regarding this matter. Until then, I might as well be speaking Chinese to you.