Comment: "How Much Long Will War

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"How Much Long Will War

"How Much Long Will War Profiteers Be Allowed To Do This To American Families!"

Only Congress has the Constitutional authority to determine whether we go to war.

Soldiers are sworn to uphold & defend our Constitution as well as have duties under the UCMJ which mandates that they disobey orders they know to be unlawful (unconstitutional = unlawful).

Last time Congress declared war was in June 1942. No wars have been declared since that time.

Yet, despite what our Constitution says as well as UCMJ requirements, soldiers agree to participate in undeclared/unconstitutional wars on a regular basis. Whose fault is that? They never question "authority," even when doing so is supposed to be their duty.

War Profiteers & politicians who violate their oaths of office are a major part of the problem. But soldiers have made oaths as well which they far too often ignore.

I'll conclude with a quote by a very smart individual:

"The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein