Comment: Her eye's glaze over and she

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Her eye's glaze over and she

Her eye's glaze over and she say's it doesn't make sense.

Some people are not able to handle this stuff.

I went through my own "this doesn't make sense" phase in early 2008, shortly after I learned about Ron Paul. Dr. Paul's statements about us being involved in undeclared/unconstitutional wars resulted in me buying a pocket Constitution for reference and going into major research / taking the red pill.

It was a complete shocker to say the least. While believing I was quite informed (actually not so informed) I used to give the gov blind faith, but learned that they never deserved it.

I've long been past the shock phase. Although, I can still understand how many people cannot handle this stuff. It doesn't make sense because it truly is hard to believe. Stuff like Nazi Germany using fluoride in their water in order to have less trouble from the populace.