Comment: You are wrong

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You are wrong

There no amount of fiction or gravity or heat from jet fuel or office furniture or any thing else that was suppose to be in those buildings that could explain the amount of energy released to cause molten metal to be found 5 weeks later to cause this. It HAD TO BE a chemical substance that was added to the building to cause this. Like I said, it is THE SMOKING GUN! Give it up, science doesn't lie.

You said "You have to have corroboration before claiming fact"

What corroboration do you want. The fact that molten metal was there. I have all ready given that to you. You are choosing to ignore it! Look way back in this thread. I have given you eye witness account of molten metal being there. Just because I can't give you to who, what, where, and why of a murder doesn't mean that 3000 people didn't die!