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Then please help me with a few questions regarding the physics

of this event.
I am not trying to be hard headed, am not avoiding any evidence, nor do I have a pre-set conclusion. Once I learned AE was misleading us about building 7, and not presenting all the evidence, I chose to remove my bias, for I once did believe it was demolition, and view the evidence available to let it speak.
First is the twisting motion of building 7. I found it appalling that an architect would omit that from his presentation. I also find it appalling that he states the building came straight down when it clearly fell south with the upper floor all the way across the street. It is also incredulous he would omit the Fire Dept. transcripts stating the fires were numerous with 4 alarm status upon arrival on the scene and increasing throughout the day, and that a huge gouge was carved into the south face. Are those some of the physics events you are referring to? They seem to be omitted in all these discussions and studies.
Second is the tower tops. Have your studies determined the cause of the tops ceasing their tilting motion prior to falling apart? That's a physics event. Each top was an object in motion. Each top abruptly stopped that motion; before breaking apart. It seems an architect would really focus in on that physics event. Once understood however, I can see why a CD believer would not want to discuss it. It would mean the tops were still connected via the core, which would help explain other "anomalies" as well.
I could go on, but the next major item is the standing core. How is it a physics event that the core can be blown up yet remain standing after the collapse? I just can't get my mind around that one.
I'll repeat for you sir, I only want this to make sense. I'm not saying demo was not used, but by looking coldly at the evidence, I can't confirm that it was. That makes it possible something else could have occurred besides demolition.

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