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I have somewhat similarly

I have somewhat similarly intense chats with my father-in-law. He's also an 'anybody but Obama' voter, but seems to like Rand Paul a lot while oddly giving RP no credit at all for anything.

So the other night he started ranting like usual about how we can't afford another 4 years of Obama, etc. I simply said that I don't find either of them all too inspiring. He went off saying something about me voting for Obama by voting for Ron Paul.

I reminded him how he was once part of the "anybody but Romney" crowd during the primaries. I also took the opportunity to point out how he does not have the freedom to truly vote his conscience & if he did explain to me how. He could say nothing about that as it's true he had absolutely zero love for Romney previously. He went from Bachmann to Cain to Gingrich this time around.

It's funny sometimes how he believes everything on Fox. So many times in the past few years I told him things that he did not believe (because Fox didn't say it) only to come back months later telling me that I was right.

A few months ago he was ranting about how if Ron Paul was so great why didn't he raise any money? Why did all the candidates raise more? That was a real fun time, because the fact is that Ron Paul raised much more than all the other candidates other than Romney and that's exactly what is reported on the official FEC website. My FIL was a bit perplexed as to why RP did not get much positive coverage considering his fundraising success (he figured all the other candidates must have raised a lot more because of how the press treated them versus RP... that sure confused him a bit).

Oh, about me voting for Ron Paul... I'll probably let him go on saying that for a while but at some point I'll educate him to the fact that our State does not allow write-in candidates (something he should already know considering he is so "informed") so it would be absolutely impossible for me to vote for RP here.

And if I get the angry "anybody but Obama" "you have to vote for Romney" speech again, I'll just tell him that what he's asking me to do is like asking me to decide which of two turds to eat. Even though one of the turds is a bit smaller than the other, I straight out do not like the idea of eating any turds at all... or even voting for one.

Despite the intense political talk somehow my father-in-law and I have a pretty good relationship.