Comment: Heres what you should have and know

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Heres what you should have and know

VLC Player:

It's great! It plays nearly every known video format and can even fix broken code video files.

Get It Here

Download it and Open it.

Load your video file and let it play. At the spots you want to capture the frames you want just press Shift+s and the player will take a snapshot and save it. Its stellar!

To save the image in a specific folder so its easy to find:

After opening the player, go to Tools->Preferences->Video and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see "Video Snapshots"

Just set the folder location you want to save the snapshots and BE SURE to set the format to either .jpg or .png (Warning: those are the only two image formats available with VLC.)

Good Luck! Can't wait to see it!

~Good Night, And Good Luck~