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well he did

get the audit fed bill to the house...this was something no one was able to do before...I think his inside approach and ron still active and standing his ground and staying consistant like rand works the inside and uses more of the "play nice" approach is the people wake up and he puts pressure from the inside things can actually start changing...they already long as rand dont cave in and stays all for it and think its great...his dad is playing "king maker" as well ...the message keeps spreading and the people become more resistant, paying attention and being proactive...i think he is brilliant and calling him naive is a little close minded.

If we can get better politicans like we are doing now with justin amash...ted cruz and kurt billings and more....and the people actualy sign petitions and call pressure their so-called officials..with rand working inside, he can actually gain ground...and of course ron with his message that will keep spreading and resonating with the people everyday! rand is a genius like his father ...he just taking a different path.

As long as rand is staying true to the libetry movement why not back him?...his issues are in line mostly with his dad...he just makes them sound less extreme...if he can change anything at all...even if its "just a start" getting things going in the right direction is good! like "end the fed" changed to "audit the fed" knowing auditing would ultimately end it! no one is like ron paul...he straight forward tell it like it is no compramising approach is awesome for people like us...but sadly most americans are dumb...asleep...and heads buried in the to get some of them to pay attention you have to dumb things down and make them seem less extreme..rand is good at this!

I think instead of bashing him we should take advantage of every possible path to liberty...this country needs all the help it can get...and rand is still fighting the good fight even if it seems naive to some!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!