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I'm in somewhat a similar situation as this young man and what you're advising is basically the same conclusion I came to.

With that in mind I just recently moved to where my "river" is in hope to find my girl there too. I'm still settling in so I haven't started the search yet but I believe you are right about going to where you find happiness and finding the girl there too. What's more I just found out Dr. Paul will be visiting my neck of the woods in a few weeks. Who knows, maybe I'll meet someone there at the rally. There may be gold in this river after all. If I don't find a Ron Paul girl I have confidence I can persuade almost anyone into one. It's just like fishing. You have to have patience, don't scare the fish, use the right bait, the right time, know when to set the hook, don't pull so hard you break the line and slowly but surely reel them in.

Also you are right about the aura thing. You can tell when someone has that kind of frustrated self defeating aura about them. I believe women especially can sense it. Take a cue from the "over confident scum bags" you see out there that are getting all the women. Be confident stupid! Confidence is sexy. If you don't believe in yourself no one else will. No one's perfect so get over any flaws you think you have. Own yourself, the flaws and all. You are a magnificent beast. Strut your stuff. Women will come out of the woodwork for you. That is the key ingredient I saw in anyone of my friends or acquaintances that got married.