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Johnson will not be elected

Johnson will not be elected President. Johnson will not get into any debates with the major party candidates. Johnson will not carry any states. Johnson will end up with less than 5% of the national vote. Politics is the art of the possible. On the issue of protecting gun rights the Republican party has a better record than the Democrat party. Romney (the Republican nominee) will get more votes and win more states than Johnson and therefore has a better chance of winning the election than Johnson. The NRA's statement, while it hurt the feelings of Johnson supporters, was correct. Again, vote for Johnson if you think he'll do the best job, but realize that he has NO chance of being elected or even being competitive. I've often voted for candidates who I knew were going to finish with less than 5% of the vote. (I haven't voted for a winning Presidential candidate since Reagan in '84. Its all started when I voted for some guy from Texas named Paul in '88.) The difference is I didn't lie to people and tell them he was going to do well.