Comment: There were a few candidates that have

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There were a few candidates that have

Very solid 2nd Amendment records running in this Republican primary, namely our champion, and Every other candidate besides Mitt Romney has a better record on this issue than Romney, but the NRA doesn't endorse in primaries, and so we end up with crap like the NRA supporting crap like this....

TWO elections in a row, in 2008 John McCain was also by far the worst of the available lot on the 2nd Amendment.

I made furious phone calls that year to the NRA to demand to know why they weren't getting behind Ron Paul, or any other candidate that wasn't John McCain in the primary..and that's when I left the NRA after being a dues paying member most years since 1993 - If you haven't made the switch to the Gun Owners of America yet...well, it's not too late!

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