Comment: Just a quick note and a resource on this topic...

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Just a quick note and a resource on this topic...

Though I don't pretend to be a Survivalist, and I did little more than make sure I had a supply of fresh water at Y2K... I have started to take actions that move me closer to personal sustainability (Gardening, Solar Electricity, etc.). I personally don't feel like things will just go to hell instantly... that basically people are good and will work together. But I also accept that I may be wrong.

A good read is a book by David Crawford that was put together by a group called FrugalSquirrels... the book is a WORK OF FICTION of what the world might look like if the $#!+ hit the fan. You can easily find this FREE ebook by searching for "LightsOut-Current" or "LightsOut-Current by HalfFast".

The FrugalSquirrels Forum collaborated in writing this book to include as much factual information on surviving the fall of modern civilization, while creating a fairly good piece of fiction.

I have read the book twice, and the first half of the book is very focused on many of the life choices you can make today to put yourself in a position to be OK if the collapse comes. The second half of the book is pure fiction, following as a natural consequence of all the activities the first half of the book outlined. There are great discussions of "real money" and things you can do to put yourself in a better position for such a crisis.

The story unfolds as two friends are caught at work as the lights go out. One has lots of camping, shooting and survival skills and one is a typical American couch potato, but they are good friends and the one thing they both enjoy is shooting together. As one friend teaches the other, the lifeskills, choices and assumptions we all make are exposed to the light.

For all of you that take the journey (or have read this book), please leave comments! Also, I will say that I did not read through all the comments here to see if this material was already discussed... so my appologies if I am repeating an earlier thread.