Comment: I guess were all supposed to give an opinion, so here's mine.

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I guess were all supposed to give an opinion, so here's mine.

I think the post below titled " What will ACTUALLY Happen" is spot on, however, I feel I must be open to the possibility that 'it' ( the collapse ) could also come quickly, so I feel I should be as prepared as possible. I do have slight hope that due to the awakening and the liberty movement, that the people, military, police, and at least some national security agencies are waking up also. Perhaps if we are really lucky, a non violent rebellion and mass arrest situation will occur. I wont hold my breath.

The original post asked what it will be like, so i guess we are all supposed to give our opinions.

I can see this playing out two ways.

1. Dying a slow death. ie...... as our dollar depreciates we get higher and higher prices and therefor are able to purchase less and less. For the middle class it might look like cutting multiple cell phone plans, cutting out your best satellite options and sports packages, maybe no expensive family vacations, raising the acceptable AC temp in your house and lowering water usage, not buying the healthy organic foods and opting for the corporate junk, not being able to buy, much less, even use your boats etc b/c gas will be too expensive...etc and on and on. The cash savings in your bank account or safe will be worth less and less as the purchasing power of the dollars buys less.

For the lower class, things are going to get bad and crime will hit an all time high. More and more low income people will be unable to make ends meet and will need more and more government services stamps, health care, housing subsidies etc.. Of course all this will be paid for by the FED continuing to print money and lend it to the government, further debasing the currency.

2. The second way I see this playing out continues with the first plan, but something like raising the interest rates on bonds, the derivatives bubble comes to a head, the FED stops printing QE's, WW3 starts ( although it already has ) ie...something happens that enters us into a hyperinflation scenario, perhaps along with certain deflation ( homes prices crash again ). Mass panic kicks in and there are bank runs ( until they freeze all accounts ), food shortages b/c the shelves are cleared and since the dollar is near worthless the trucks are not delivering food, gas, products etc...

I can see riots, hungry people on the move for food and water, and credit cards being frozen. This means for a short period, cash will be king ( if you have it physically on you ). Now comes what they have been preparing for....martial law, internment camps, gun confiscation, FEMA camps etc...

I can see a 30...50...70... 100% reduction in social security, medicaid/medicare, government employee pension plans reduced or gone, and perhaps even a confiscation through extreme taxation on private pension plans.

Anyways.... I can see it playing out both ways. At least starting off with 1 and ending in 2.

What do we get after that? One world government, one world currency, one world military, extreme population reduction and a debt slave labor force with technocrats and elites ruling the world???????

Extreme ???? Maybe, but over the years...the % of that being a possibility grows higher and higher and sounds less and less crazy.