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You have to see the big picture

If there were no state regulating everything, workers would be scarce. People would be figuring out other ways to earn a living, have an income. They would work for themselves, save and invest, apprentice themselves to tradesmen, etc. Worker participation in the economy is gate-kept by government credentialling and licensing schemes all of which are tax and protectionist schems. They do not "protect" the common man, they protect the players who pay off the political class. Workers would be scarce, employers would have to treat them decently to attract them. Government schools were created to address this very problem. Industrialists wanted obedient, uniform, conforming WORKERS, not freethinking entrepreneurs. Schools have always taught kids to get good "jobs", to buy houses, to trust "experts" (credentials). This whole paradigm is passed off as beneficial to the masses when it actually has enslaved them. We have tainted meat with inspection stickers on it, chemical and hormone laden milk, we have people routinely killed by medical "experts", we have an ignorant population all credentialled with diplomas that certify they are "educated". It is all a lie. No, government regs do not protect workers.