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Mercola often sells snake oil, too

That's the thing. Everyone "knows" GMOs are harmful and evil, but very few seem to know why. Or even care. People are taking any claim made against and running wild with it and ASKING THE GOVERNMENT TO BAN THEM.

These people, who supposedly don't trust the government, are looking to the government to protect them from something they don't even understand themselves. It's so hypocritical. I am the last one on here even bothering to challenge these people. They are so stubborn and so intolerant to suggestions that "maybe GMOs aren't going to destroy humanity" that most everyone else doesn't even bother to get into it with them. The hivemind blitzes the forums with falling sky propaganda and childish insults to everyone who isn't joining them.

From what I understand the biggest danger presented by RoundUp is the surfactant that coats the glycophosphate. This makes sense, as detergents are terrible for most organisms and the reason why we use them to clean our clothes. It has nothing to with GMO technology.

I looked at you site briefly, and it was the same crap all the other ones say.