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...friction w the wife

Hey buddy I can relate... Here's something for you though to try.

She only sees the negative, the things you don't want to do or eat. Try bringing in alternatives like organic food or healthier candies, maybe make some at home with the kids. This way you have an alternative, instead of 'shooting down' her ideas, which is all she sees. You know you are only doing what is best for your family to limit the crap they put in their bodies (I stopped eating/drinking HFCS 4-5 years ago)... Now you can have fun with the family by bringing in alternatives but you have to be proactive, not just reactive to the crap they are trying to consume just because the dept. of agriculture is able to subsidize the SNOT out of corn production using our tax money to make the poisonous HFCS free for companies to put in our food.

Hope this tip helps buddy. keep the faith.