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Comment: Here. I will help you.

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Here. I will help you.

The French GMO study is bull$h!t.

High fructose corn syrup is Fructose, a naturally occurring sugar.
I would advise you to move to some country that does not have an anti-sugar anti-Cuba policy. Sodas with real sucrose sugar taste better but cost more in the USA. Coca-cola et al made a marketing decision and decided correctly that HFCS was a better raw ingredient cost wise and that Americans would not care.

Some micro brand sodas like Jones, Hansen, etc use sucrose cane sugar. They arent popular and have trouble to survive long term against coke and pepsi.

HFCS is fructose, and the GMO protein is extracted. So its a HFCS vs. sucrose cane sugar question not a GMO one.

So your wife is right, mostly. You're Not crazy, just misinformed.