Comment: 1988vote has not been without 'our' struggles--

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1988vote has not been without 'our' struggles--

one of us is female; the other male (LOL! Just wanted to make that clear)--

one of us woke up first then went back to sleep; the other fought it and then woke up and woke up the other one.

We have 'taken turns' being upset about things. We have taken turns saying, "I can't take/do/think/read/talk about any of this anymore"--

And now we're in a mellow place where we know we live very differently, and we're glad, but we have watched at least one of our adult children go completely into bad food, etc.--

while being really grateful to us for raising him/her in a healthy way and having even married a person with the same beliefs.

The fact is that life is hard right now; it's always been hard, but in the past most of the time people who found it really hard just got sick and died.

Many humans in this present civilization are walking around seriously wounded.

We are also Christians, and we take our concerns to God and do get real help--

for us the 'bottom line' is that we would rather know the truth--

I don't have all the verses for this, because I'm in a hurry, but the truth does set us free, but His yoke is a yoke--
and the burden is a burden, but He makes it light--

Having faith in God does help, for those who believe in God. Those who don't? I am not sure how they cope with all of this--

One of the main things that happens to us is that we have to be careful to whom we speak; we've lost friends, because of the way we live (trying to be very self-reliant and living simply)--

and yet those people with good hearts always seem to come back to us; sometimes they want to know what has helped us to survive. We like to think that someday we will be able to help those who have laughed at us--

or ignored us or been mean to us, because of the choices we have made.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--