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Sorry to take so long RonPaulWins2012.

I agree with much of what you say. Please note my awakening came as a result of my looking with unbiased eyes, not from any de-bunking site. I have since used some material from a few de-bunking sites; it's the only place to find it because the "truther" sites don't cover it. But it was my own eyes and research which caused my utter angst with AE (how can an architect omit the twisting of bldg 7 as it went down?).
As for your references, I'm not sure your point with the pentagon pic, but I agree with it's analysis. The visual evidence there strongly suggests a large aircraft went in at a very high speed. All the airplane parts on the inside pretty much confirms it.
Regarding the video, I have watched hours and hours of similar vids, and have learned when they start with a false premise, I simply don't waste my time. "No other steel frame building ever collapsed from fire" is a false premise; a cleverly disguised lie, often used by AE and other "truth" sites.
Finally, just because I state it is possible the buildings came down as we saw, due to airplane crashes, doesn't mean I accept any official story or am not aware of massive cover up. It doesn't require demolition for this to be a heinous crime with inside implications.
Here's a site you might want to peruse. The guy has iron clad credentials and has investigated the tactical plans and flight training thoroughly.

Undo what Wilson did