Comment: Mark, I so often read disparaging posts by you.

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Mark, I so often read disparaging posts by you.

Why do you hang out here? What do you find attractive? And why are you so excessively concerned that even moderate divergence from the status quo in health will be seen as "crazy?"

Do you truly understand the implications of freedom? It's for all, not just straight-laced middle-of-the-roaders. In fact that's one of its most beautiful aspects. Those who are complacent and stuck in orthodox modes are not the ones who move humanity to higher levels of understanding.

Yes there are dead end pathways, but those will sort themselves out under Liberty. They will not meet the competition of truth in the long run. Our problem is not the "crazies," but the horrific tendency of most people to run blindly with the herd, straight off cliffs where bodies pile up in the gorges.