Comment: I love the DP and Ron Paul. I hate Infowars and NaturalNews

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I love the DP and Ron Paul. I hate Infowars and NaturalNews

I don't see how relentless paranoia can move humanity to higher levels of understanding. It saddens me to see to see how many people 'left the herd' only to form a giant, stupid herd themselves. Dozens of people have given the OP advice along the lines of "you're right keep doing what you are doing." If his beliefs are estranging him from his family, he is screwing up and losing it.

I concentrate on the biomedical science forums (instead of economics and such) because I spend my life studying medicine and can easily refute the antiscience alarmist propaganda being spead. It would be laughable if people weren't taking it so seriously.

And these so-called libertarians are actively campaigning for government intervention in nutrition, agriculture, and medicine. WTF? Why does the liberty movement have so many health fascists?

I don't care if every single person downvotes and insults me, I felt that someone needs to speak against the alarmist, sensationalist propaganda. I am getting really bored with it, though. People have no desire to learn science or the truth. It's too easy to just use imagination and read the lies on Infowars and NaturalNews and pretend they are learning and freedom fighting.