Comment: It is a little hard to conceal cannabis use on probation

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It is a little hard to conceal cannabis use on probation

Tommy Chong traces his cancer to the time that he was incarcerated and deprived of cannabis, fed prison food and housed in a known toxic environment. He was then further denied access to cannabis during his time on supervised parole. It is only now that he is once again a free man that he has access to Cannabis without the immediate and immanent fear of federal drug charges for testing dirty. Since Cannabis is fat soluable and is stored in the fat cells of the body, a heavy user can test positive for metabolites for several weeks to over a month after cessation. It is not possible to regularly take cannabis medicine and test clean in a parole situation. No other commonly tested recreational drug has as long of an elimination time from the body as THC. This is not because THC is harmful to the body, but rather because of the body's tendency to store it in the fat cells throughout the body. This also explains why there is no physical withdrawal possible when stopping Cannabis medicines.

Cannabis is medicine and the proper function of the endocannabinoid system is being tied to an increasing number of human biological process directly impacting health.

Here are a few (800+) studies, papers, and article links about Cannabis, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system and their relationship to human health:
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