Comment: Advice to Johnson...!!!

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Advice to Johnson...!!!

Read Dr. Paul, and study the Constitution!

Stay away from opening your mouth on any subject but what the constitution mandates as Federal government jurisdiction. We are not interested in your personal philosophy except as it interferes with the constitutional order of government.

Enough of what drugs hurt you more or less. Jurisdiction over most of these areas of the people's commerce and life ends with the state and their supreme courts! Tell the paparazzi that you intend to leave all but the enumerated powers, to the states!

Get over it! You are running for president of the central government not of the states, and unlike the two Tweedledee and Tweedledum twins, you certainly are not running for 'god'!

No tax but constitutional tax, and that means NO FAIR tax! Get over it you constitutionally challenged candidates!

Life comes before liberty, for all... including the unborn! Without this you will never be more than a fringe presidential candidate! Personally I think us headhunters have been an endangered minority for decades. But I got over it.

Loose the '60's' peace symbol which drives away a major part of the baby boomers who haven't a clue what constitutional and just peace really means. You, as well as most party goers seem constitutionally challenged on the issue of 'Just Christian' and 'Constitutional' war!

Enough already. Study Ron Paul's books. Then debate with real knowledge!

Act presidential like Ron Paul, especially in an era when the people are only just coming out of their blindness and ignorance. They need hope, and fear not only the future, but even a change back to the constitution!

Bottom line... read, and listen to, Dr. Ron Paul. The elder statesman is nothing less than the perfect mentor for the very presidential candidate for which the people really hope! You cannot go wrong.

The alternative is continuing along the path of minor distraction from the two Tweedledee and Tweedledum parties!

We've had enough of that already!