Comment: Well first off...we can never

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Well first off...we can never

Well first off...we can never be economically isolated...did you forget we provide the majority of the world's food? People have to trade with us...and food is a need, we will always hold that particular upper hand. As to the power vacuum...that may or may not be so...but who cares? Its not our problem. Ideally those countries we pull out of will fill their own vacuum, especially since no one else can truly afford to fill our shoes so to say...we cant afford can anyone else? Russia already learned this lesson the hard way and is unlikely to repeat it. China seems smarter than that...they see what it did to Russia and now to one else has the resources needed yet...its doubtful they ever will..with the possible unknown of India...seems like fhey have other things to worry about though and with Pakistan as a nuke armed enemy its not smart for them to interfere in the middle east.