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'Government" is simply a group of people... any other group of people.

Trust is put into "Government" to do the right thing.
Like any group of people, not everyone agrees,
and you have corrupt and dishonest people.

To say people "don't trust Government" is not accurate.
Just like saying someone is "Anti-Government".
They are "Anti-corruption" and BS.
If the the entire Government is corrupt, then sure.
I find saying someone is "Anti-Government", only
assumes Government to be perfect and infallible,
which it is not, like any group and that something is wrong with the person wanting the Government (group of people) to do the right thing.

It's not being "Anti-Government (Group of people) to
simply want them to do the right thing and help make
a better world for everyone.
That's what they were put there to do after all.

Other non-government groups of people are standing up to the threat of GMO.

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