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Comment: GMOS are NOT like guns

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GMOS are NOT like guns

You really need to educate yourself. There is allot that needs to be said and quite frankly I dont have the energy to spend countering your argument as good as I could. But when you blast in new genes or use vector viruses to insert foreign genes into a plant/animal, you cause new proteins to be either turned off or expressed. Now lets get back into the world you understand. These plants produce pollen that blows in the wind and cross pollinates other same and/or similar plants around. Thats called cross pollination and can very easily lead to genetic drift. Now genius, do see you see the flaw in your logic? Guns dont randomly float around killing people like pollen floats in the air. Your argument is very naive and stupid. I hate to be rude, but proponents of GMOs for the most part use the stupidest logic to try to justify GMOs. And that is that GMOs have not been proven to be unsafe. If thats your basis for your argument, then I feel very sorry for how ignorant you are. Have a nice day.